KAIST Fall 2018

CS408E: Computer Science Project

CS408E is a project-oriented course in which students design, develop, test, and validate a software system in a team. Students learn project management and large-system programming skills that are not usually covered in any single course. Students form teams, and execute one of project ideas suggested by students. The scope of the project must cover multiple areas in computer science and be of a magnitude sufficient for a team project.


Course Staff

E: Sukyoung Ryu (main coordinator), Sooel Son
F: Juho Kim
G: Sung-Ju Lee, Alice Oh, Insik Shin
Staff Mailing List: plrg-under@plrg.kaist.ac.kr

Time & Location

Class: 16:30-17:45am on Mon/Wed @ Room 102, N1
Pitch: 4:30pm on 9/12 (Wed) @ Room 102, N1
Midterm Presentation: 5pm on 10/5 (Fri) @ Room 102, N1
Final Presentation: 5pm on 11/30 (Fri) @ Room 102, N1
Poster Session: 10:30am on 12/3 (Mon) @ Room 117, N1


Course Website: https://kaist-plrg.github.io/cs408e-fall-2018/
Github Organization Page: https://github.com/KAIST-CS408E
Comment Page for Project Pitch
Comment Page for Midterm Presentation
Comment Page for Final Presentation


All dates are tentative and subject to changes.
  • 8/27 (Mon) Course Intro (Prof. Sukyoung Ryu) & User-Centered Design Process (Prof. Juho Kim)
  • 8/29 (Wed) How to give a good presentation (Prof. Sung-Ju Lee)
  • 9/3 (Mon) Git and open-source collaboration (Prof. Sooel Son)
  • 9/12 (Wed) Project Pitch (6 mins per team)
  • 10/5 (Fri) Midterm Presentation (10 mins per team)
  • 11/30 (Fri) Final Presentation (10 mins per team)
  • 12/3 (Mon) Final Poster Presentation


  • Project Pitch (week 3): 10%
  • Midterm Presentation (week 7): 15%
  • Final Presentation (week 14 or 15): 15%
  • Final Poster Presentation (joint with CS408A): 20%
  • Final Report (week 16): 20%
  • Participation: 20%

Course Policy

Presentations: Each member should present at least once in the three presentations. For the midterm presentation, a live demo is optional. For the final presentation, a live demo is mandatory unless the team provides convincing arguments. All presentations should be delivered in English.

Late policy: No late submissions are allowed for the presentations. For the final paper, you'll lose 20% for each late day. Submissions will be accepted until three days after the deadline.